Holistic and joyful education

blending Indian culture

and human values.


Wide-range of curricula

fed through Hi-Fi pedagogy and

experimental learning.

SAGAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, a wing of Sagar Educational Trust, Perundurai is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education vide 1930419-SL-01319-1314. The splendid hands of Honorable Justice P.SADASHIVAM inaugurated this ambitious institution on 26th May, 2010.

Classes functioning at present are from Level I to Grade XII. The school offers Boarding and Day-Boarding systems. The three fold concept i.e. Child, Parent and Management is the key on which the school goes on successfully. The schooling system ensures that pupils gain the competencies to surpass the challenges ahead globally.

A learner-friendly approach by the teachers makes a good relationship between students and teachers. Engendering a good human becomes easy in our school through mentoring, leadership traits and making a child to realize who he or she is. Our students feel that Sagar is not just a school but a home school.

Learning Process

Sagar follows CBSE curriculum yet specially designed on thematic concepts to suit the contemporary needs of the young learners.The academic structure has been framed in a manner to conceptualise the vision and mission of the school. Balanced excellence is the core aim of our academics. Along with the CBSE curriculum, the guidelines by the academicians, best textual materials, enrichment activities, capacity building programmes, experiments and observations make our learners to innovate first hand ideas.


A child’s development can be enhanced by offering simple activities which stimulate the creativity and bring out novelty. Children do not learn much from isolated activities. Group projects & group discussion are given priority to develop sociability in work. At the same time an observation is made on the child’s own way of interaction with the world. Recommended activities like seminar, elocution, self portrait, object description etc. are given to solidify ones own skill to be fruitful.


In Kindergarten, we have adopted Montessori methodology blending our own structured activity based teaching which enables the children to enjoy learning.


The scope of our curriculum is beyond the text and class room teaching. Children are taught not on the basis of sequentially arranged lessons but on the basis of thematically framed concepts.In primary level, an exclusive activity based learning is espoused. The higher class children are comforted with independent learning through enjoyable projects. By adopting play-way method children are made to experience and learn the concepts. We follow specially designed study materials which emphasize more interesting activities.

To make kid’s learning elite and enjoyable, they are facilitated by smart boards in all the classes.

Admin Block


Amidst plentiful of schools, an absence for a school to proffer student focused and culture based education was felt in me. This kindled me to found a school where education is to be offered blending Indian tradition with international quality. I advice my teachers not to teach discipline but create a situation where children develop their own code of life.

I assess the development of my school taking the attainments in the life skills than subject knowledge. Learner’s freedom is our strength. A team of teachers whose diligent efforts and contribution makes the vision and mission of this school easily attainable. Yoga and sports are the main trait moulding tools in our school. If you are a parent seeking burden less education aiming beyond subject competency, then the right chance awaits at Sagar.


Secretary and Correspondent


I congratulate you for selecting our school for your child to make his/her dreams real. Ample experience and experiment with school children have made me suit a special pattern of education in Sagar for today’s pro-active learners. Panic free strategy in ‘teaching and learning’ process is the key formula in our school.

I agree that education goes beyond the text and class room. Thus here the scope of education is stretched beyond the normalcy. Pre-eminent ambiance, first-rate infrastructure and hi-tech teaching facilities make learning realistic. High priority is given to the suggestions of the parents both in academics and administrations. Fore sighted management along with an array of passionate teachers enables me to attain further heights in all our missions. Optimistic changes in your child is assured at Sagar forever.

Wishing you the best always…

– Principal