Education is a technique employed to open minds so that they may go from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty.


  • Thematic assembly are conducted for KG’s
  • Intellectual lab develops confidence to express them creatively and willingness to take risk.
  • Miniatures and puppets are used to demonstrate, motivate and interact
  • Field trip and Waldorf’s play way methodology cultivates open mindedness.
  • To develop their skills the KG’s have different club activities like Storytelling, Dance, Art & Craft, Spoken Hindi, Reading, Drama, Singing.
  • To inculcate values and ethics social activities are conducted.
  • Frequent induction sessions are conducted for parents.


  • Apply skills and knowledge and elaborate an idea through group activity.
  • Display of projects by integrating subject contents.
  • Exploring the methods by experimenting
  • Presenting work through formal and informal performance and exhibition.
  • Evaluate their work and that of others to encourage personal growth and understanding.
  • Introduction of foundation courses from Grade VI.
  • Students are evaluated based on their aptitude and focused to achieve their aim from Grade VII.
  • To inculcate values and ethics, social activities are conducted.
  • Parents interaction program are conducted.


  • Major subjects are taught on competency based instruction
  • Regular assessments are given
  • Unwritten, unofficial , unintended lessons , values and perspective that students learn from the hidden curriculum

To support the students with their learning process various additional aids are provided.

  • All grades live and learn from digitalized smart classes.
  • Well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs.
  • An ultra – modern Language lab.
  • Signage enabled Computer lab, with Firewall protection in partnership with Chrysalis Ltd.
  • Highly advanced Math Lab in partnership with NIIT, Delhi.


To create a pious atmosphere that helps instill certain values such as humility and discipline in the students THEMATIC ASSEMBLY is conducted

  • To enhance language skills SPELL BEE , Public Speaking, TEDX, MUN are offered.
  • The vision of INNERSIGHT is to develop values among children.
  • Stephen Covey’s – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are being practiced.
  • Story telling sessions and dramatics are offered to build imagination. To make it more interesting “Book Bucks” reading club functions for students and parents.
  • Awareness programs & Orientations train children to become futuristic without missing out their present.
  • Career Guidance and counseling are held frequently to create an awareness of the current opportunities.


  • An Array of busses are operated in and around 30 km radius with GPS tracking to ensure safety.


  • SAGAR ACADEMY intends at “Work smart not hard”
  • Apart from the school, the trust governs the Sagar Academy, where NEET Aspirants are offered one year intensive training for fresher’s and repeaters to crack it with ease and get placed in highly reputed medical colleges.
  • Through foundation courses students prepare themselves to take up competitive exams like JEE, NEET, UPSE, CA foundation, CMA , Olympiads, VSSF, NTSE, IMA, ISA, KVPY.
  • Students have the choice of opting NIOS.

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