Physical education, an integral part of the educational process has its importance at the SAGAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for boys and girls of all age categories. We provide compulsory 1 hour for sports and games to enhance their overall development. Physical activities in groups are a very natural way of exercising which allow the following aim,


  • Individual’s growth and development
  • Promotion of health
  • Development of basic process
  • Worthy home membership, vocation, citizenship
  • Proper use of leisure and moral character
Basket Ball
Volley Ball


  • Sports field in the school campus
  • Two netted cricket pitches with vast cricket ground
  • 2 synthetic Tennis courts
  • Separate Table Tennis for boys and girls
  • Four synthetic Volley ball courts
  • Two Basket ball courts and Two Throw ball courts, Hand ball ground.
  • Basic indoor games
  • Separate Yoga hall
  • Kids play park
  • Special training in specific indoor /outdoor games
  • Special coaching for boarders
  • Special nutritious food before and after practice